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Welcome To Our Home With a Butterfly Wall Decal

Welcome To Our Home With a Butterfly Wall Decal

SKU: SKU1501

Welcome all who enter your home with our stunning Welcome To Our Home With a Butterfly Wall Decal. This elegant and affordable wall sticker is easy to apply and will instantly add charm to any room in your home.


Featuring the phrase "Welcome to our home" alongside a delicate butterfly design, this decal is the perfect way to greet guests and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you place it in the entryway, living room, or bedroom, this decal will make a lovely addition to your wall decor.


Made from high-quality vinyl, this decal is durable and will last for years to come. Add a touch of beauty and hospitality to your home with our Welcome To Our Home With a Butterfly Wall Decal.

  • Features

    • Easy to apply and fully removable without leaving any residue and won't damage walls.
    • Made from high quality PVC and Non-Toxic.
    • Sticks to almost any surface, including walls, mirrors, windows, fridges, plastic surfaces and doors.
  • How to Apply

    1. Clean the Surface:

      • Ensure the wall is clean and dry. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
      • If the wall has been freshly painted, allow the paint to dry for at least 6 weeks before applying the decal.
    2. Plan the Placement:

      • Decide the exact position where you want to place the wall decal. You can use a pencil to lightly mark the corners.
    3. Cut the Decal (if necessary):

      • If the decal is large or comes in multiple pieces, cut it into smaller, more manageable sections.
    4. Remove the Backing:

      • Carefully peel off the white backing paper from the decal, ensuring the decal stays attached to the transfer film.
    5. Apply the Decal:

      • Place the transfer film with the decal onto the wall. Start from one side and gradually lay it down to avoid any wrinkles.
    6. Remove Air Bubbles:

      • Use a plastic card (like a credit card) to gently squeeze out any air bubbles. Start from the center and work your way to the edges.
    7. Apply Pressure:

      • Smooth out the decal by applying even pressure across the entire surface. This ensures good adhesion.
    8. Remove the Transfer Film:

      • Carefully peel off the transfer film, leaving the decal on the wall. Do this slowly to make sure the decal adheres well and does not lift off with the film.
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