General Questions

Q. How do I apply my wall stickers?

Please follow the procedure to apply your wall stickers.

For Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Stickers
1. Please place your stickers on a hard, flat surface over night to allow the curl to fall out after transit. Remember to leave them in their plastic until you are ready to apply, to keep them free from dust;
2. Clean surface with a damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt. Soap may be used to help remove any oil that may be present. Be sure the wall is dry before placing the sticker;
3. Remove the sticker softly from the back-paper, then put the sticker on desired position of the wall, use a plastic card to press firmly and squeeze out any air bubble;
4. That's it! Enjoy your wall stickers!!

For Transfer Vinyl Stickers
1. Before applying the sticker to a wall, please make sure the surface is free of dust and dirt;
2. Place the sticker on a even surface with the white backing paper facing down;
3. Carefully remove the transfer film from the white backing paper;
4. Stick the transfer film with the adhesive side onto the wall sticker and press firmly;
5. Once the transfer film is firmly sticked with the wall sticker sheet, cut out images;
6. Peel off transfer film from paper sheet and attach to the clean dry surface;
7. Slowly peel off the transfer film, while pressing the mural part to leave it on wall;
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all mural parts;
9. Work Done! Enjoy!!

Q. What are the wall stickers made of?

Our wall stickers are made of vinyl. They are made from top quality PVC-Free vinyl which are super thin and when applied create a hand-painted look to the wall. Most importantly, vinyl wall stickers are eco-friendly, extremely durable, washable and are removable (not reusable though).

Q. Are your wall stickers easy to remove?

All our wall art stickers are designed to be easily removable. Adding some heat to the stickers with a hairdryer will lift the sticker off the wall, and then simply peel the sticker from the wall. There will be no residue or mess left behind, and the wall should look as if the wall art was never there!

Q. Will the product look exactly the same as the one I saw on your website?

While we take great care to represent the products in the truest way possible, please be aware that due to different colour settings on customers' computers and mobile devices, slight variations may occur between a seen design and the actual product. In ordering an item, you accept the risk of such differences. Of course we are happy to assist you should you need any further clarification.

Q. What types of surfaces can the wall decals be applied to?

Our Wall Decals can be applied to just about any clean, smooth surface - painted walls (allow six weeks for freshly painted walls to dry), mirrors, windows, fridges, plastic surfaces and doors. They will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement render or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers.

Q. How long will my wall decal last?

All our wall decals have an approximate 5 years life span and are all removable without peeling your paint or leaving a sticky residue.


Q. What methods of payment are accepted?

We use an encrypted and secure payment method. Acceptable forms of payment include Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) as well as PayPal checkout.


Q. What do you charge for shipping?

Delivery within Australia will be made via Australia Post Regular Parcels (flat rate: $5.95) or Australia Post Registered Parcels (flat rate: $12.95) of your choice at checkout. Express Post is also available. We currently only service Australian customers thus not providing deliveries to other countries.
*Please note that we do not accept PO Boxes for delivery.

Q. How do you post the wall stickers?

We place great importance on our wall stickers arriving to you in the same condition that they left us in. That is why we only use the best possible packaging solutions to post the wall stickers.


Q. I can't get my wall decal to transfer to my surface. What do you suggest?

• Firstly, please make sure the surface and wall decal is at room temperature. If a surface is too cold, gradually heat it to room temperature with a blow dryer on the low heat setting.

NOTE: Use care to avoid overheating the wall decal (this will warp or disfigure the wall decal) and/or wall to avoid damage.
For example, to apply a wall decal on your front door when the outside temperature is below freezing, use a blow dryer to warm the exterior surface of the door to room temperature before you apply the wall decal. Then, once the wall decal has been applied, continue to warm the surface for awhile to allow the adhesive time to bond to the surface.

Depending on the temperature outside, sometimes the finished surface on the inside of an exterior wall can be colder than room temperature.

• Avoid applying wall decals when the climate is very humid, this will make it very difficult to release from the transfer tape.

• Make sure there is no residue on a wall surface such as grease, smoke, dust, or soot. Even cigarette smoke can cause a buildup on surfaces. If you cleaned your wall, make sure there is no leftover residue and that the wall is completely dry. Often, a wall surface feels dry to the touch but moisture has been absorbed into the wall material beneath. This moisture is released to the surface as the wall continues to dry, breaking the adhesive bond and pushing the wall decal off the surface.

• As you remove the transfer tape, try firmly pressing the wall decal on the wall with your thumb or a dry rag.

• Squeegee the wall decal onto the surface. Then, using a sponge, dampen the top of the transfer tape before you peel it away. This will help the wall decal release from the tape.

• If a surface is heavily textured, some wall decals may not adhere to it as well as other surfaces. If this is the case, you may want to apply the wall decal to another surface that has less texture, such as one of your accessories or furniture. If the surface is lightly to moderately textured and it seems like the wall decal should be able to adhere to it, try using a blow-dryer on the low heat setting.

Q. I installed a wall sticker but it is starting to peel off. What do I do?

If part of a wall sticker starts to come off a surface, use washable glue, such as a glue stick or wallpaper paste or glue, to reattach it. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and test the adhesive in an inconspicuous place before applying it to your wall decal. If you need one, contact us for a sample.

Q. If my walls are too textured, what other options do I have for displaying my wall sticker?

If you have heavily-textured walls, you can choose from many options to display your wall sticker. For example, you can install a wall sticker on a flat, smooth surface that you can hang on your wall such as a board, glass, or a mirror. You can also display wall decals on tiles, metal, and blocks, among other surfaces.